TPO helps to


With our back-office, you will be able to build a dashboard or a lab works report with the web data.

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With our special editor, you will be able to choose many charts and to select the data via a SPARQL query.

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With a short URL, you can directly push your document to your colleagues but also to Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

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Select your chart and your data

Reuse web data without tools is very hard. Now with SPARQL and TPO, you can easily select the data for your dashboard or for your lab works because TPO was conceived as a learning-tool where you can learn to make your first SPARQL query.

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For the real life

TPO is a tool where you can saving your best queries before to reuse its in your applications.
The BorderCloud's developers are using everyday TPO and they are agregating the last tools for simplifying the developers' works. TPO's SPARQL editor offers :

  • Auto-completion of Wikidata entities in their mother tongue
  • Widgets lines for helping readability
  • Color mode for SPARQL queries
  • Automatic correction of basic errors

Now with TPO, you can develop your SPARQL queries faster.